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Video-editing is a strong hobby of mine. I've never held a job as a bona fide video editor, however, I have saved lots of money for many past clients and employers with the video-editing skills that I possess. I have used a variety of editing programs and understand the basic principles of timeline editing. I currently use Corel's ULead Video Studio Pro. I chose it because it supports up to 7 independent video tracks and 2 audio tracks. It also has Green Screen capabilities, as well as many transition effects and filters. Some folks might snub their nose at that program, since it is not Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. But I can tell you that I've done videos before where friends of mine were shocked to find out that I did it in Ulead Video Studio.

Web Design

I have been posting the pages of this web site as I've been building them,
so I may not have made it to this section yet. I am working hard to
complete this portfolio Web site and will be adding more content daily.
So, if you don't see something you were looking for today, you may
check back in a few days and I may have loaded it by then.

Graphic DesignWeb DesignIllustration
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