Amie’s Attendants
Dania has been a dear friend since we were 15
years old. I was one of Dania's first friends when she moved here from California and every since, we have helped each other survive the trials of life and shared in each other's joyous moments as well.  Her and her mother, Marilyn Murphy, have always been there for me when I needed them most.  I was her Maid of Honor in her wedding in 1999. She now lives in Olathe with her husband, Mark, and two handsome little boys, Grant and Kyle.

Kristen and I have been friends since we both attended the University of Kansas in the early nineties.  Kristen was the first friend of mine to meet Jeff.  (Bless her heart, Jeff immediately put her character to the test by sporting his Austin Power's teeth the first time she saw him.  She kindly smiled and said, "Nice to meet you").  She is a labor and delivery nurse at St. Lukes South Hospital. She lives in Olathe with her handsome son Nicholas. (By the way she was relieved to know the horrid teeth were fake!)

Tammi and I have also been friends since high school, when I was unofficially elected by her brothers and her parents to make sure she survived her youth.  She was always the friend I could count on when I wanted to escape the trials of life and have fun (whether that was simply singing as loud as possible in the car or hitting the hotspots in town).  We have been part of each other's support system and workout partner for years. She owns her own hair salon in Olathe and shares her home with her adorable son, Cody..

Logan is my sister Jody's daughter. I have always wanted Logan to be in my wedding some day.
Now that she is thirteen and becoming a beautiful young lady, I thought she would be better suited as a junior-bridesmaid, rather than a flower girl.  She is doing well and growing up way too fast for my liking.  Thankfully, she is close to us, living in Olathe.

Lily is Amie's brother, Bob's first daughter. Lily absolutely loves Jeff. She refer's to him as "Silly Jeff." Those of you that know Jeff know how great he is
with kids and will not be surprised by that. We are
so excited to have her walk the aisle just before me.  Her 2 year old little sister, Greta, may or may not join her for the journey down the aisle. 

Jeff’s Attendants
Cary is my oldest friend. We grew up on the next
street from each other since kindergarten and went
to 8 years of grade school together, later becoming
roommates at KU. His family was like a second
family to me, and his mom, Connie, was my second
mother growing up. Cary lives in Olathe with his
lovely wife Michelle, his son Sam, and new baby
girl, Lily!

Matt and I have been friends for a number of years, although we have become great friends within the last
4 years. He is a fellow guitar strummer and very talented song writer and vocalist.  We played in a
band together (Wellsville) a few years back with
fellow friends, Mike Runyon and Bruce Coffman. 
Matt lives in Lawrence, KS with his beautiful wife,
Nicole, both of whom we love spending time with.

Troy Miller and I went to Bishop Miege high school together for 4 years. We have withheld a tradition of getting together for 1 night every year (while Troy is home during Christmas) ever since we graduated high school together. Troy is one of the funniest guys I have known and enjoys performing in an improvisational comedy group where he currently lives, in Austin, TX. Troy recently finished writing, directing and starring in his first full-length independent film ("Severence"), for which I was honored to be asked to design the Poster/DVD cover.

"Bobby Love" is Amie's younger brother.  As we
often exclaim, he is my "brother from another mother."  Bob is a fellow guitarist (likes to pick the bluegrass),
and fellow funny guy, so we always have lots to talk
about.  Bob lives in Kansas City with his wife,
Anastasia, and their darling little girls, Lily and Greta.

Jerry is my oldest brother.  Although there are 18
years between us, and despite Jerry living away
from Kansas City for most all of my life, we are
eerily similar in many ways (particularly sense of humor). So if you enjoy my wacky jokes, you'll get
along great with Jerry.  We have been very fortunate
to have Jerry and his family (wife, Beth, and 2 sons,
Griffin and Grayson) living back in KC again for
about 2 years now!

Andy and I met about 8 years ago as we were both finishing up our Graphic Arts degrees at K.U.  Andy and I's child-like enthusiasm for artwork, music and comedy became the glue of our friendship.  He is
one of the funniest guys I've ever known, and is an extremely talented artist. Andy lives in San Francisco with his wife, Cassie, and their new daughter, Maddy!

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