Welcome to our wedding Web site!

June 9th, 2006 at 7:30 p.m.
The Villa KC
4120 Baltimore,
Kansas City, MO 64111

We hope that this site helps you to conveniently locate all the information you will need to know about sharing
in our wedding day.  Click on the buttons along the navigation row (above) to find what you are looking
for. Or, you can select from the links below that have desriptions of what you will find on each page. If you have questions or feedback on our Web site, feel free to contact either of us.

Ceremony & Reception

Date and Time. Information about the Site of the ceremony and reception. Map and directions to the wedding Site.

Wedding Party
Information about the individual members of the Wedding Party.
Get to know the people who will be participating in the
wedding ceremony.

Take a peak at where Amie and I will be heading after the

This link will open a new window that will take you to a site we have chosen to use that will keep track of the RSVP list.  So
you can just let us know right here online, instead of mailing us
an RSVP card.

This page has information on the places where we have registered.  Click on the links to open a new window where
you can take a look at all the groovy stuff we would love
to have!  ;o)

Get to Know Us
Here you will learn a little bit about the Bride and Groom. 
Get to know these crazy kids a little bit.

Contact Us
Phone numbers and eMail addresses of the Bride and Groom.

Information about potential hotels surrounding either the wedding site or around a particular family member who lives in town..

We both look forward to seeing you at the wedding!

Email Amie: adehart@pulmonaryphysiciansofkc.com
Email Jeff: kc_artist_rocker@yahoo.com