Get to know us...
We live in Overland Park, Kansas,
a few blocks south of Oak Park Mall.

We live with our two Australian Shepherds (Buddy and Blue)
and our Himilayan fluff-ball kitty, Missy Midge.

Hanging at the park with Buddy & Blue,our
horribly spoiled, but overly loved baby boys

Missy Midge enjoying some outdoor time on the back porch of our old townhome.


Born in Clearwater, Florida and raised in Bristol, Tennessee until age 12, Amie's parents moved the family to Olathe, Kansas in 1984. The family has called Kansas home since then. She is currently an office administrator for a pulmonary group in south Kansas City, Missouri. She has many other interests in life, like painting, decorating the couples home in Overland Park, and making wedding cakes. Her mother, Judy, and father, Tim, live in Olathe. She has a sister, Jody Blevins and brother, Bob DeHart that live in the area.


Born in Kansas City and raised in Overland Park, Jeff lived in the same house from birth until going away to college in 1989. After teetering between strong interests in both art and music during his 20s, Jeff finally got his degree from K.U.  He now works as a professional graphic artist at Black & Veatch (in the Coroporate Marketing and Branding Division) and does web site design on the side. He played in 2 bands prior to meeting Amie and continues to pursue his interests in home recording and guitar playing (thanks to Amie's patience and understanding!). When not jamming his guitar, Jeff harbours closet fantasies of becoming a standup comedian. Jeff is the youngest of 7 kids (5 sisters and 1 oldest brother). Jeff's mother, Dee, lives about 10 minutes away in Overland Park.

How They Met


Yes we met on-line. Call us cutting edge or call us crazy, but without we probably wouldn't have met.  Ironically, both of
us had seen our fair share of lackluster dating candidates, and were
about ready to throw in the towel on hoping to meet someone worthy
of spending our lives with. I guess it is funny how that works out soon as you are about ready to give up on looking for
what you want, it magically shows up right before our eyes.

Our first date was to a comedy club in downtown KC. It was a show called Comedy Sportz which is a live facsimile of the hit TV show "Who's Line Is It Anyway" (improv comedy based on suggestions for topics from the audience). We then headed to the Velvet Dog (swanky 70s style retro bar).

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